Niall Smyth wins 2011 Irish Poker Open

Irish Open Staff - 26 Apr 2011
Niall Smyth has been crowned the 2011 Irish Poker Open champion after four days of action at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin.

The Irishman joins the long list of poker greats that have landed the prestigious tournament after an exciting heads up battle with Surinder Sunar.

Niall Smyth moved all-in from the SB, and Surinder Sunar made the call for his remaining 1.3 million chips! This is how the final hand of the Irish Open unfolded:

Smyth: Q-5
Sunar: A-9

Sunar has the lead going into the flop, but it’s wide open, with Smyth holding two live cards.

Flop: Th-3c-3d

No help for Smyth, who needs to pair up to take out Sunar.

Turn: 2d

No change.


The roof comes off! They’ll hear the cheers all the way down in Smyth’s home county of Clare, as he pairs his Five to snatch the hand from Sunar and claim the Terry Rogers memorial trophy and the title of 2011 Irish Poker Open champion! A huge, huge congratulations to Smyth, who takes home a massive €550,000 for his win. And commiserations to his opponent, Surinder Sunar, who will take away €290,000 for his runner-up finish.

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